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Akash Dey



Akash has always been keen to cultivate and participate in budding startups and to gain insight into this disrupting and innovative ecosystem of startups. Cultivating and participating in budding startups allows him to dive into the new world of business. He wishes to be part of these revolutionary startups that changes the outlook and approaches of business. These revolutionary start-ups help to keep themselves updated about the new ways of business. He loves to explore the minds of entrepreneurs and gain new perceptions and see the world through their lens. Young minds involved in the and budding startups encourage him and motivates them to look at the new startups in a new way.

Akash has a very patient demeanor and gives proper time to grow. For a business to set up, requires a considerable amount of time, Akash has it and is patient enough to stick around. His knowledge in finance and his connections have helped Zonion to flourish.

Akash is an entrepreneur from Dalkhola and has a very good impact and hold over the market there. He investigates and implements all-new ways of doing business makes sure he learns new things from it. This helps him stay updated about all new business methods and improve his works.