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Indresh Bhatt



Indresh has always had an inquisitive and analytical touch on his thinking. He has a habit of looking at everything with a sense of curiosity and eccentricity. This personality trait has helped him at many stages of his life and has also shaped him as a human being. Also, this is what has shaped his thinking and has resulted in his part of contribution to Zonion.

He's always amazed to see the way humans link themselves to varied labels and brands to create a balanced ecosystem with them. He is intrigued by the way people engage with new and variety of new start-ups and helps to promote their growth.

He has his way with words which helps him to be a good marketer. His good communication skills have brought many customers to Zonion. He is a type of person who doesn't like wasting time on unnecessary planning sustain, instead, he believes in executing it straight away. This gives him time to improve his outcome and bring better and improved results.

He is a person who doesn't work by the clock. It's not necessary to work daily, for him it is the efficiency that matters. If work can be completed within 10 minutes, stretching it for an hour makes no sense to him. He believes that work should never be done in time-constraint, rather it should be a free-flow.

Through Zonion, he aspires to produce and evolve a sense of affinity, trust, and love with the customers. Indresh wants to create a mark in the market and believes Zonion is one way to do it.