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Rishab Shaw



Rishab likes being out of his comfort zone and pushes his boundaries k to innovate and create products and services in the market for the well-being of the population at large. Pushing his limits as far as possible, he believes that hard work with dedication is the only way one can achieve success.

He has a personality of a visionary. All ideas remain mere ideas until researched on or executed. He does it the best! His ideas and visions are always long-term and sustains and are the ones that benefit the company. He believes a company should always work in an Asset Lite Model where the procurement of assets is not primary to the company’s objectives. It is also easier to expand a company run on this model.

With Zonion, he aspires to bring a revolutionary change in the hyperlocal delivery market. His vision says that Zonion will be a revolutionary change in the hyperlocal market and change the way people looked at hyperlocal deliveries.

He wishes to do it with the most advanced and optimized tools available and make Zonion a universal brand. He believes technology along with maximum optimization of available tools will result in the success of his idea: Zonion.