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Rohit Gupta



Rohit always thinks out of the box and challenges the conventional with his non-conventional thinking. He believes that instead of following a staple set of paths, we always should find room for change. And that’s what influenced him to go ahead with Zonion. He believes to do the same with Zonion.

He is that person who tries to experiment with new ideas and improves them to bring about better output. He believes new ideas have the power to bring about positive changes in the already established way of doing business. He wishes to make a breakthrough in the traditional way of doing business and believes Zonion is just a way forward.

He is a very creative person and has ideas for all situations and has a great hold on numbers. He is the ‘box of ideas’ of Zonion. He is very experimentative and likes to incorporate new ideas into the already existing ways of doing business.

He intends to create a system that incorporates the essence of a well-crafted process, leaving no room for errors. A well-crafted process, for him, is that, which results in optimum results with minimum room for improvements.